I'm looking for an excel/palmOS spreadsheet application that supports "conditional formatting", i.e. color of a cell is determined by the cell data. I currently have DocsToGo V6 and it doesn't support conditional formatting, as a matter of fact it's pretty poor at maintaining even basic formtting like "bold", or font size. I got this response when I asked their tech support:
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Conditional formatting is not supported in version 6 or 7 and the behavior you are presented with is random but to be expected. The program can't handle all that formatting, and loses some of the basic formats when coming down to the handheld.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please look out for updates in the future.
"Random"?! Well written programs are inherently not random, they do the same thing every time you run them. Arrgh....

Tech Support from TinySheet says they don't support conditional formatting either. I haven't heard back from MiniCalc or QuickSheet yet.

Does anyone out there know of an app that supports this?