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    I have searched this forum, but cannot find much info on EVDO. In particular- because of the soon to be released Treo 650. Since Sprint is in the process of upgrading their network to EVDO, what does it take to make the Treo 650 compatible. I would hate to get the Treo 650 and find out that it is not compatible.

    I also wonder if any of the techies that lurk here, if EVDO might be a software download to make the phone compatible, or is it a hardware issue?

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    It seems to be a hardware issue. Either it's built in to the Treo 650 or not. I think the consencious is that it probably won't have EV-DO built into it.
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    I read somewhere that PLMO went with a more modular hardware design with the 650, which probably makes EVDO a simple component swtich from 1XRR to EVDO module.

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