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    My to do list is sorted priority, due date. If I change the due date of an existing task the view jumps to the very last item in my list. With 100 tasks set this is a real annoyance as I start the day by reordering my due dates. And it takes forever to find where I was in the list. Is there a fix? Thanks
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    Just upgraded from 270 to 600 and have the same problem. This is a pain. I am starting to think this is normal operation for this version of the todo list. I have done a hard reset and created a new list in the treo 600 and the same thing happens. It is a real pain when you have more then 100 items in a list.

    Anyone else have anything different happen?
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    it's a bug in the app. Here what I do. Just press the hard button mapped to "To do" & it will take you back to the top.
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