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    Hello, Has anyone had any experience wearing their Treo like the pictures below? I run a lot and use my Treo as my MP3 player(nice having 1gb sd) and hate carrying it in my hand. Or does anyone know of a case that will hold it safely and dry?

    Thanks in advance... p@ul
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    i gotta be honest... im on my 3rd Treo (because of their issues) and if I even thought about a strap like that I know that i'd be on my 4th and 5th...
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    I thought about using that exact same case, tho I haven't gone through with buying it. You'd have to cut a piece for the antenna but i'm sure it'd work. I've compared a 20gb ipod with my Treo and they're the same size. I may go through with it soon tho.
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    I posted this is a similar thread and it works great.
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    hi paul,

    u mentioned using a 1gb SD card? Do you experience crashing most of the time?
    Kindly enlighten me on this matter for i have hear rumors that 1g SD card makes the treo crashes.

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    Something like this might work, too -

    Check the dimensions, though.
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    I have this one and it works great with my Treo:

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