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    yes, hit me, its not the world's first thread on this fundamental issue, which will affect so many lives out there. the grand big question bothering so many lost souls out there day and night is:

    - when is the t650 official -

    give ur best tries. only one date per hacker.

    winner(s) will be a day's hero and awarded an honorary degree at the state university of melchizedek.

    any other offerings for rewards?

    my guess?

    OCT 5TH

    goodness me, that would only be two tiny little weekies away ...
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    Oct 5th seems most likely to me.
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    February 2005.


    Verizon just started selling the TREO 600, T-Mobile just started selling the TREO 600. Orange isn't interested, MM02 isn't interested. Cingular/AT&T have always been lukewarm at best about the TREO line. Rogers just started selling the TREO 600.

    That leaves Sprint, pretty much.

    And THEY just started selling a new Samsung (? - not sure).

    Too many carriers aren't going to want another competing device this soon.
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    My guess is.. 22nd November
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor
    February 2005.

    ...Too many carriers aren't going to want another competing device this soon.
    Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Wrong answer. Carriers don't care how many different devices they have (particularly Sprint) if it will bring in marginal sales revenue (whether new subscribers, or old subscribers eating more). Support for the 650 shouldn't be substantially harder than the 600 (unlike the move from 300/OS4 to 600/OS5), so the only concern will be to not get stuck with inventory of 600's.
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    7:55a EST October 7, 2004
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    Oct 1
    Waiting for Palm Pre on AT&T then can replace my iPhone. Needs Doc To Go and Flash

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    Oct. 3rd
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    October the 11th will be the Day!!!!!

    Be ready... Credit card in hand... tent in front of local sprint store!
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    Sept 28th, Munich, Germany time.
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    Formally announced Oct 5th

    Available ??????????????
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    Nov. 15..............
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    Oct 6, in NY at the first Treo Road Show venue.

    Register here:
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    Oct 5th.. That's my 1-yr warranty date

    I was at a conference last year when Handspring announced their upgrade deal. I had been talking to everyone prior to the announcement how I planned to wait and see how it performed. I ate a lot of crow when I had it purchased within two hours of receiving my upgrade offer

    I will be at that same conference on the 5-6-7 of next month and look forward to trying to hold out for three hours this year
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    i'll go with january 3rd as my guess
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    Tuesday Sept. 28th between 11:45am & 12:30PM ...Munich, Germany time
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    Oct 4th.
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    Novemburary 32nd ninteen-ninty-never!
    "When Palm announced today that its new smartphone would run an operating system from Microsoft, it was the equivalent of Coca-Cola agreeing to fill its bottles with Pepsi." ~David M. Ewalt, Forbes Magazine
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    november 8th
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    Oct. 5, 2004 at 12:01AM EDT (May be a few minutes later, depending on how fast you can see the updated website).

    Man, I've memorized palmOne's "normal" product annoucement's just sad .
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