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    I have a 2005 Toyota Landcruiser that came with Bluetooth phone controls on the steering wheel / radio. Can anyone tell if the Treo 650 will actually work with the Bluetooth on my vehicle? I have Sprint / i500 now and really want to get a phone that will work with the vehicle. I don't want to leave Sprint but it is sure tempting to switch so I can get the Bluetooth working. Thanks
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    Too early to tell man. It all depends on what BT drivers P1 puts on the 650. My assumption, however, is that it should work since the primary reason to make a phone BT capable is to allow for external headsets, speaters, etc. As for the controls, that is an open question.....

    I have a T608 from Sprint, the terrible BT phone that Sprint dumped on the public last Christmas. It seems to work with a lot of car BT features....and if that POS can work, then my assumption is that the 650 will also work
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    interesting. i have a toyota prius with bluetooth and am wondering the same thing. one 'probably' vote and one 'no'
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    thanks everyone. Gosh I sure hope that this phone works. What a waste if I can't utilize this feature of the vehicle. I know I can't live without a smartphone so I am hoping that the Treo650 works with the Toyota system.
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    I think it will have headset but not handsfree profile which means 'NO' with most car kits but yes with most BT Headsets on the market, no-one without inside info can say for sure though, maybe Palm will surprise us, but I seriously doubt it!
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    It's ironic that I'm holding off on a new car purchase due to a cell phone but that's exactly what I'm doing. Seems silly that a $600 device dictates my $25000 purchase!
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    You're not the only one manielse. Not sure which choice I'll alter if they're not compatable, the automobile or the cell phone.
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    I am told by good sources that the Treo 650 will have the handsfree profile it would need to work with the bluetooth systems like those in cars. As the owner of a 2004 Acura TL, I hope that's right!
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    i would still want the treo even if it does not end up working with my prius. i don't actually call all that much from the car, and i would not want to give up the other features of the treo
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    I'll PROBABLY still get the Ace even without the hands free profile. My wife drives the new TL, so we will definitely NOT buy the Ace for her without the hands free profile (and conversely, will buy it for her if it does have hands free profile). Probably won't go with Sprint either for her (I currently use Sprint, with 2 extra lines for kids). She currently has a company provided Nextel phone, which she'll probably lose within the next few months (company no longer providing service--good riddance, I say). I'm starting to look at other solutions now, such as the Nokia 6670.

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