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    I am having this problem with my SD card... I have seen something about this in the past but I can not find it now. well this is it

    Once in a while for some reason my treo does not know that the card is inserted when it is. I have callfilter and pocket tunes and the way I notice is because my ringer will ring with the treo regular ringer when this problem occurs. then I have to take the card out and reinsert it then it recognizes it... does anyone know of this problem...?
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    anyone knows anything about this?
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    Check out Card Keeper v1.3.1, updated by Jeff Gibson. It's around and the site is - I have been using this release for at least a week and I have not had an instance of it not being recognized. The SD card did pop out one time and Card Keeper did set an alarm off to notify me of its misbehavior.

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    BCLINGER thanx alot for the info
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    My 512MB card did this to me once in a while and I also found that it was very difficult to delete files from the card. I reformatted the card and both problems went away.

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