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    I have been reading for the last 6 months that Palm One will soon be releasing software that will enable Palm devices to connect with Blackberry enterprise servers. Does any one know the status of this release? I work with state government where everyone is using blackberries since the state supports that technology behind their very secure firewall.

    I am not able to connect the Treo with our exchange server with out spending a lot of money. If I can connect to their blackberry server I will be able to pay monthly fee for unlimited data.

    Any news on when I might expect that functionality on my 600 or will they only make that available on the 650???
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    Wait for the Oct 5th press release. It's likely P1 will not only announce the Treo 650 and T5 but also the BB Connect Client....
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    So much for an announcement about BB Connect. Anyone head any updates?

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