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    A software tweak that incorporates the feature of sending a user pre specified message when recieving a call bepween X'o clock and Y'o clock would be a nice personal feature.
    This way people who do not leave vx mail can still get a personalized response about why you are not available plus any other details you specify.

    Call Filter has a lot of options for handling calls but sending an auto response via SMS is not one of them.
    I think this feature should be inserted asap in a revision of this excellent program as opposed to having to buy a program specific for this purpose.

    Also (and this has been brought up before somewhere), it might be nice to play a selected mp3 while putting someone on hold via Ptunes Deluxe..... he he not that I would do that just for kicks to my callers..... nuh huh.. honest.

    Hey VWare, any thoughts on this???

    I have detailed files.
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    There would be a problem with the idea of having Callfilter automatically send a text message to callers. If the caller is calling from a landline, they won't be getting any messages from you! I guess if you were somehow able to specify who (what phone numbers) would get this type of autoreply it would work.

    I currently use Callfilter's option to send an autoreply for text messages that I receive when I am using the "unavailable" profile that I have setup in my profile program. That works quite well...and I can even set it to switch to that profile when plugged in, so that when I pop the Treo in the cradle at night I am set!

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