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    Check out the attached picture, sent to me today by Eric Baker of Rivet. It is a development photo of a Rivet threaded fixed pin, mounted to an Innopocket Treo 600 aluminum case.

    One end of the threaded fixed pin has 3mm screw threads that fit the 3mm nut in the Innopocket case, on the other is the familiar Rivet ball-end.

    ETA is 1Q05. Cost undetermined. I'd pay $10 in a heartbeat.

    It's a perfect solution to a thorny question, which requires no end-user shenanigans such as JB Weld, or hacksaws and tap-and-die sets.

    The threaded fixed pin owes its existence, in part, to the discussions on this forum. Rivet has become very aware that the VBS adhesive supplied with their kits, does not adhere well to the aluminum case. This threaded fixed pin is Rivet's response to our problems.

    Best regards,

    Tim ==
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    Just exactly what we requested.. I would be glad to beta test this... Now how in the world do I get the JBWeld epoxy OUT of the screw threads??? Also, I am still worried about the fact that my Rivet Pin seems to have eroded the eClip allowing the Innopocket and Treo to hit the concrete. It has done it again, even after the hammer treatment....
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    Gently cut the neoprene out around the OEM nut, and replace with a common 3MM hex nut which you can get at Home Depot.
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    Well, I actually did what I posted earlier, and jammed the JB Weld INTO the screw hole. Assuming I can get it out, do I still need the extra nut?
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    If the threads on the OEM nut are clean, you can reuse it.
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    Wow... I reread this thread after spending 20 minutes last evening grinding down a Rivet pin to just the right size to slide into the back of the Innopocket hard case at tried a test fit... with no luck...

    So, then I try one of their 3M pads on the back of the phone case... fell off at the underside of the pin.

    Umm... got a spare or a more direct contact than This threaded pin is like the missing link for my peace of mind while carrying the Treo in it's protective shell...
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    For the last 6 months I've been getting a polite runaround from Rivet about the availability of the threaded fixed pin component.

    I've exchanged monthly emails with a member of their staff who has promised that I will receive a complimentary sample piece as soon as it becomes available.

    I've sent what I intend to be my final email to Rivet, including my contact and several others, asking for an update on the availability of this component.

    I'll keep you posted.
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    I emailed the sales email address, received a reply and a promise that I would receive a beta version of the rivet pin for the innopocket hard case. I'll let you know how it goes and whether or not I receive the product.
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    I just purchased the Innopocket HT-0315 from Treo Central on 2/21 and got it a couple of days ago. I used the screw-in rivet so I could use the belt clip and it has fallen off three times now.

    I've pinged TreoCentral and the vendor to see if this is an isolated problem or if it is a material defect in the product.

    The case really is awesome and worth picking up, but I wouldn't give up on the JBWeld quite yet!
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    Looks like a great case, in general, and just what I'm looking for. But, how do you hold the Treo to type? Looks like the hard cover would be a nuissance to the right hand. But obviously you've made it work for you. Any chance you could get someone to snap a pic of it in your hands while typing? I'd really appreciate it.

    [Edit: Oh yeah, have you noticed any negative effect on bluetooth with the metal around the unit?]
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    I have received one of Rivet's Beta Fixed Pins for the Innopocket case. They are EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. I am VERY happy.

    Hopefully Rivet will get this suckers out to market ASAP.
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    As did I today. I'm just as tickled as xpanmanx! Honestly, the rivet equipped innopocket hard case has to be the best protective treo case money (and a bit of wheedling since the pins are in beta) can buy.

    For the rest of the forum members - I received two pins and really only need one. if you have an innopocket hard case, try emailing sales and seeing if you can get a set of beta pins. If you can't, PM me and, for the price of shipping (about a dollar) I'll ship you the extra pin.
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    I am using a pouch case for my innopocket case made by a company called ripoffs. Yes i realize i am using a case for a case, but it fits the innopocket case perfectly and has a super strong metal belt clip. See here:
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    Nice but I really like the Rivet belt clip - it fits snugly to my belt and has a lip on the open end which prevents it from working its way up and off my belt. With the Rivet ball screwed into the innopocket hard case there's no way the Treo's leaving my belt unless the ball works its way lose and I don't notice or there's a mechanical failure of the Rivet belt clip.

    I've addressed scenerio #1 by tightening the Rivet ball with a wrench and I doubt I have much to worry about with scenerio #2 - the Rivet gear is really well made.
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    this rivet threaded pin sounds like the perfect solution...however, the previous posts are from awhile ago. was the pin ever released? anyone know a way to obtain one?
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    The rivet wears down in about a month and starts getting flat spots.. Which then starts wearing down the clip itself, and soon the Treo will fall right out of the thing.

    I went through four rivets and three clips in about four months.. They kept sending me more when I asked but I got tired of it and stopped using it. $20 in the hole.
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    that sucks....was hoping it would work...back to the search I suppose
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    what is/are innopockets?
    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
    There is no spoon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hdhntr23
    what is/are innopockets?
    where you put your hand when it's chilly out
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    Sorry it didn't work out for you.

    I've had my Rivet system for over a year, and the E-Clip that came with the kit has not caused me the slightest bit of trouble.

    I'm what you'd call an severe-duty environment - my Innopocket case has taken multiple **very** hard impacts from door frames, chair arms, etc. I think it was the 2nd or 3rd of these hits (but not the last 1 or 2) which was strong enough to bend the threaded Rivet pin slightly. Despite the damgage, everything works BEAUTIFULLY and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

    The E-Clip is worn, yes, but that's just a reasonable product of metal-on-metal contact. If I'm any judge this E-Clip has another year, perhaps 18 months, of life in it. The Rivet itself is not worn at all (except for the damage previously described).

    Oh, yeah, the belt-loop hanger has caused some wear-and-tear on my Dockers. Gotta luv it.
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