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    and all you did was email the company to get this threaded pin?
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    That's correct. Took two, maybe three times, and then I received my pin in the mail.
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    We're talking about using the rivet that screws into the back of the Innopocket case.

    So you're using the one that glues onto the back? Interesting, although I'm using a skin/pouch case combo and I'm pretty happy with it.

    Sounds like you all need to stop playing office chair skeetball.
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    I am using the threaded pin that screws into the Innopocket case. I've used the pin with the windowed and plain Treo 6X0 cases.

    Along the way I tried some different wacky things with J-B Weld and the stick-on rivet, as well as jamming the longer universal pin through the hole in the back of the case. As you can imagine neither worked well at all.

    The threaded pin's the thing.
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    Not saying you're lying or anything, but I have a really hard time believing this.. I went through a pin a month on my threaded rivet pin on a store-bought rivet clip (cheapest package they had available.. think it came with a lanyard and a stick-on rivet and the belt clip and rivet clip).

    After wearing the rivet pin down, it then wears the rivet clip down. I could usually go through two rivet pins for one rivet clip, but then I had to replace the clip. Went through two clips and said to heck with it, not doing it anymore... I dropped the phone several times at the end of life of the pin or clip, as the rivet would either come out the *front* or just wind up sneaking out the bottom.

    Otherwise I really liked the system. Oh well.
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    I used the rivet with my i500 for a year with no problems at all. I reviewed on pdaphonehome (HERE , if anyone's interested)

    Really loved it. Am really intriqued by its use with the innopocket ( being the case whXRE I AM). My poor ol 650 is looking kinda rough these days (carry it mostly in a sedio holster with egrips these days)
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    Fine.. :P I took pictures. The focus wasn't exact, and the overall pictures are a little soft.. My macro lens stinks, but it was all I could afford. Pictures are 1M a piece or so.

    The first three are best viewed at 100%, the last two not.. I ran my 125% output queue processing the pictures and didn't realize that meant 125% of original, and the rivet pins were pretty heavily cropped, so they're pretty pixelated. Anyway..

    Rivet Clip #1

    Rivet clip #2

    Rivet clip #2 (vertical)

    Rivet pin #1

    Rivet pin #2
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    Know that it's been a while, since anyone's posted on this thread. Think I may have a possible answer to differences in E-Clip wear.

    The member, who appears to have been using the stationary E-Clip, has reported monthly failure, due to pin wear. The member, who seems to have been using the Hook, isn't having such troubles.

    I submit, that use of the Hook allows part of the energy, from movement, to be discharged through whatever it's hooked to (belt loop,etc.). The more stationary E-Clip must absorb this energy at the clip (There, really, isn't much of anywhere else for it to go).

    'Course, I'm no engineer, and this info may be posted somewhere else. However, I've ordered the Hook for my own system. Proving, if nothing else, that folks can talk themselves into pretty much anything.
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    Thought it best to follow myself up with a ghost post.

    Spoke, yesterday, with Cheryl Wakefield, at . She was most gracious, regarding my request for threaded pins, and sent several different sizes. She was able to do this, because Rivet no longer retails the threaded pins - These were leftovers.

    They arrived, today.

    Using the Hook attachment, with the E-Clip, on a belt loop, provides enough range of motion that I do believe it'll take some time for the clip to wear out. Belt loop'll, likely go first. (That's okay, though. 'Ve learn't' sew.)

    Also, don't have to unhook my phone to see who's calling, anymore. That should save some wear. Certainly, it saves time.

    'D like to thank all those, who posted on this thread, and elsewhere in this forum, for sharing their discoveries. Couldn't have done it without y'all.
    "There is, absolutely, everything no one can do about it."
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