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    Does anyone have any inkling as to whether or not AT&T will have the 650 shortly after release?

    I have made numerous attempts to speak with them via the phone and in the stores, and it seems that the 650 is not even on the radar screen.

    It seems clear from all the posts that Sprint will have it right away

    I am wondering, if I should change my service to sprint now, so that I can order the 650 when it is available. Since I want to keep my number, I fear that if I am not a Sprint customer that I will have to wait, along with the number transfer hassle.

    Any thoughts? By the way I am on month to month with AT&T, I have completed my contract obligation.

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    My guess is that it'll be Cingular that releases the 650 instead of AT&T. I called Cingular to "Port-In" and was told by the Cingular phone support person taht the merger would be complete in "about two weeks" meaning that no porting in was necessary an I shouldn't pay the $175.00 to get out of my contract.

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