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    I discovered something called Wireline / Wireless mailbox that BellSouth sets up for you at no cost. It combines a standard phone line voicemail from BellSouth with the available Cingular mailbox. When I get a message on my regular phone, I get a notification on my Treo/Cingular and can listen from there. The reverse is also true. I can get my Treo/Cingular messages on my regular line. It is the same BellSouth mailbox but I get notifications at both places.

    They say it takes three days to set up but I got mine in one. My Cingular voicemail number has not changed yet in my treo so I set up a temporary favorites and included the password. One button press and I have my messages. Sweet. I looked in the SIM book to find the voicemail number but couldnt change it there. Didn't see anywhere else to do it either.

    Also, now I get notifications with the little tape symbol at the top of the screen and a system generated notification screen rather than through the SMS manager. Treo Butler now works for me for voicemail.
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    How has it been working for you so far? I also have Cingular and a Bellsouth voicemail. I am not currently a Treo Butler user. What does it do for you with the new voicemail? Thanks for any input.
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    So far, so good. They still have not changed my voicemail number in my SIM card so I will have to call in the next few days about it. Treo Butler or 'Butler' as it is called now I think, nags you and alters the led in one of several ways you set. On mine, I have it set the led to solid orange and beep discretely and vibrate once every few minutes for a set period of time. None of these features worked with my old Cingular voice mail. It is kinda neat to answer my messages on my land line phone and out of the corner of my eye see the Treo led start to blink again.

    Oh one other trick. The person calling can press 0 and the call is forwarded to your Cingular phone. It is up to you if you want to tell people about it.
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    Did they finally get it all setup for you? Also, when someone calls both your regular phone and cell phone, do they hear the same voicemail message? How have you liked it?


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