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    Now, with this new pociy i have to call best buy for them to send me a replacement for my treo600. this is very annoyying i hate how best buy keeps changing their policy, and now that i have a real problem of the buzzing noise
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    Quote Originally Posted by cingularguy1234
    and now that i have a real problem of the buzzing noise
    which implies that previous returns weren't for real problems...if that's the case then you're looking in the wrong place for sympathy.
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    Could be he had a "minor problem" like a white spot on his screen. Some of us don't consider this worth the hassle of pursuing until it gets so bad we can't take it.

    I just got my 5th treo replacement. All had battery/network search problem. 1 day after I got the replacement noticed a 1/8 " circle in the material coating the screen. It appeared a little differnt than the previous white spots I had on other Treo's (which I didn't return for that problem, just the Network search). Now it's grown into a nice white spot. 6th phone. I love my Treos, but Palm better get its stuff together.

    Plenty of other minor problems with all the others I had, but I didn't bring them back for those, which I could have by rights for the $600 investment. Don't know the situation, but maybe the other problem she/he had were legitimate, just didn't want to deal with the hassle of return for a "minor problem" on his/her $600 phone.
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    True, the reference could be about a 'minor' problem but my experience from reading these threads is that a lot of people try to BB as their perpetual upgrade program. If this is not the case in this situation, then it is unfortunate but I would bet that BB has changed their policy to make it more difficult for those perpetual upgraders.

    on second thought, if one is upset about BB continually changing their policy then my assumption is that they've used the process several times.

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