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    anyone know of a smaller headphone adapter then the one offered by PalOne? (I believe it is a 2.5mm to 1/4 inch adapter)
    Maybe even one that has a 2.5mm connector, then a length of wire then the 1/4 conector. This would keep the clutter and the bulky adapter out of my pocket. It is so big it gets un connected sometimes or has fuzzy sounding audio.

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    yep theres some like that on ebay have a look i got one a while bacj now and its great
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    The one on the Seidio website has a very short cable.
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    Why not just go directly to headphones with the requisite size jack, and avoid all the peripherals? While going through a miscellaneous junk drawer, I came across earbuds that had the small jack that fit quite nicely into the Treo. Seems like one would be able to find other headphones that fit from a store that sells a broad array of headphones, and not just high-end! (I have to admit that before this "find", I bought a Radio Shack adapter, cut off some of the plastic, and use it today! It does stick out a bit, but it works!)
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    tpthomastt: Great idea, but I haven't seen any good headphones that use this size jack. The crappy palm ones do, but I'd like something higher end, maybe Sony. Anyone know of any headphones with built in correct size jack?

    dennisl: amazing, just what I was looking for. Thanks!
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    What's so special about this adapter? I don't understand how or how it's any different than a standard stero plug?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Triple xXx
    What's so special about this adapter? I don't understand how or how it's any different than a standard stero plug?
    you need the adapter in order to use standard headphone jacks. The input is only designed for cell phone headsets. In other words, you couldn't use your sony earphones to play your mp3s on you phone with out the adapter or something like the sedio headphone cell headset.
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    I got an adapter at Ratshack for about $5. However, I had to cut part of the plastic so that it would seat all the way in the Treo jack.
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    The treo600's audio out is a 2.5mm jack and the starndard jack for headphones is 3.5mm.

    The sedio is nice particularly due to the answer hangup button on the in line valume control box. Thus making them very versitile.
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