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    For some reason, on my Treo 600 Jot disables the left arrow at the top of most of the views in the Treo Calendar application (the arrow that moves the view back a week or a month as the case may be). The problem goes away if Jot is uninstalled or disabled.

    Anyone else have this problem -- and more importantly, does anyone have a solution?

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    Yes, I had the same problem but it is a small price to pay in order to keep using the calender and besides I placed Datebook 5 on my treo and there is no incompatability problem when using that.
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    I can't tap the arrow and move back the date, but if I tap, hold and drag left the calendar moves back with Jot enabled.
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    DB5 and Jot work well together. I've been using DB4 and 5 for so long, I never even touched the built-in datebook app.

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