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    I have owned a Treo 600 since their release last October. I also purchased one for my dad and my friend, Jack, has one. All three of us have the same problem whereby the Treo rings and we are unable to answer it (as if it has frozen). It also cuts us off from calls.

    I recently (2 weeks ago) brought my Treo 600 into Sprint to have them test it. After about 5 minutes they said that it failed (he mentioned something like a bad radio I am not a technical person) and they would replace my Treo 600 with a refurbished one even though mine had been dropped and was pretty scratched up.

    My dad was able to get his replaced as well. Jack is planning on doing the same.

    Has anyone else had these problems or is this just an isolated issue (times three!!)?
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    Had mine for under a week so far... Only crash I had was with AIM and I lost everything.

    HotSync > all

    But I've never had that problem... Yet. Problems seem to find their way to me very easily tho.
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    I had the same problem. I took it back to sprint .they replace it.

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