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    Having to use iSync via PalmDesktop isn't a very elegant solution. Fortunately I can pretent PalmDesktop doesn't exist most of the time, and just work via iSync. I wonder if the Treo 650 will introduce a nicer solution?

    I don't like the idea of having to rely on third party software either. Do people have experience of using the Mark/Space software witht the Treo 600? Does that eliminate the need for PalmDesktop?
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    I did use MissingSync 4 with iSync and my 600 on a Powerbook G4 when it first came out, but went back to Palm Desktop becuase alot of conduits still want work with MS. I do however use it with my new Tungsten C. "WIFI rules"
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    SyncML is the answer ... I hope the 650 supports it!

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    i got hooked on intellisync for yahoo, with yahoo's online calendar. reminders all over the place, can't be too many for me!
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    I did get confirmation from Mark/space that version 4.0 will support the 650. To quote the e-mail back to me:

    Thanks for asking. Yes, it seems to be supported just fine. One of my collegues actually has one and has told me she's not had any problems with it. It seems to be working great. If you have any problems, please email us and we'll be happy to help.



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    I meet the people for Mark/Space at macworld. They really stand behind there products. I currently use MissingSync 4 with my Palm garmin and it works great. Never used it with a Treo. (newbie, Treo650 on order)
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    I searched the forums for information on Yahoo!'s custom Intellisync offering. Does anyone know if it works with the Treo 650's Hotsync implementation? I get the idea that it does (since it's dependent on the version of Hotsync, not the device), but I just wanted to be sure. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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    I take it this is all Mac specific software you guys are taklking about, but I have a more general question: I need a 3rd party sync app that can sync csv files automatically with contacts and notepad during hot sync the same way the regular hotsync does. Regular hotsync's "file link" feature stopped working for me when I installed the palm desktop from the treo 650 cd. I uninstalled every trace of my (several) earlier versions of plam desktop and started fresh a couple times and it just don't work. Won't even pop up a dialog when you select it from the hotsync menu.

    I really NEED that.

    I can't find any 3rd party app that clearly claims to do it. Intellisync barely mentions csv files but in such a way that I'm not even slightly convince it doesn't just have a manual import/export ability rather than a hotsync integration.

    I used to have an app that replaced hotsync calld syncbuddy, but it's really old now and now the guy only offers a mac version and doesn't even aknowledge the existance of his previous windows version on the web site. Luckily I still have my original installer.exe but I don't want to use something that old if I can avoid it. I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't even work anymore since it was written in palmos 3 days.

    Do you think intellisync will do what I need? Do you know of any other general purpose sync add-ons or replacements that will let me sync a palm database to a csv file? All these Outlook conduits are useless to me. I generate a csv file on a unix box and the file-link used to keep the palm in sync automatically. For Outlook I have to do several manual steps to import the file. That's what the M$ crowd would have you believe is progress from klunky old unix? Trading full automation for a dozen manual steps before every sync?
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    Um. I've run into a problem with Intellisync for Yahoo! Details are in this General Software thread. Any other T650 users have any advice for me?
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    I used iSync with the 650 and had no problems. It did use the Palm Desktop software, but I also pretend it's not there. Just like with my Palm Vx, it just works.
    I've heard about problems with the Palm software on the G5 though.
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    This is irritating but turns out to be relatively easy to solve, basically by inactivating the Treo's conduits that conflict with those from Intellisync. Details are here:

    One caveat: I found that to do this, you have to uninstall Intellisync, make the recommended changes, and then reinstall Intellisync. Then you don't get that conduit conflict message and seems to work well.

    This will be of particular interest to those (like me) who suffer under Lotus Notes as the company email/calendar, since Intellisync will sync with Lotus Notes 5.0 and the Treo's default sync app will not.



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