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    As I have had to exchange my 600 because of the poor speaker 5 times now, Palm One is offering me a full refund. This is very generous.

    They are not giving me any window to do it. They told me the offer is on the table now, and will be taken away if I don't accept. I want to wait until the 650 comes out, otherwise I am out a phone.

    I can always return mine, get the $649 I paid, turn around and get a new one for $499, and then get the 650. But I would be much happier if Palm would just upgrade me to the new one when it comes out.

    ANy great ideas out there for me?
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    buy a cheap phone and put on your plan then toss it when the new ace comes out....that would be my plan if u could do it
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    you are lucky...Palm told me PFO when my 5th Treo went bad.

    THIS IS SUPER RARE (a refund)....take the deal and run.

    buy a cheap phone on ebay, and resell once the 650 comes out.
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    Take the refund IMHO, and buy a cheap phone, and then wait a little while after the new Treo comes out to see if Palm make faulty rubbish again LOL actually probably not HTC (makers off the Imate, MDA, XDA series phones) are making it for Palm, so should be much better quality!
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    Dude, take the money and run!!!! You can always buy the Ace later...
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    take the money to be honest..

    yesterday my replacement treo 600 unit arrived from palmone...and well the unit is more messed up that my present unit...however on a good original treo 600 is working fine i gotta call back up palmone to get the return address and explain to them that im sending back the replacement unit...palmone is uber nice
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    same here take the $ buy a cheap phone. You can live without it for a couple of months for a deal like that. Look at it as a FREE upgrade to the 650.
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    TAKE THE MONEY!!!! Get the ACE when it comes out!!!
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    take dah money foo
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    how could you think about this twice i would have said yes straight away becuase we all now know that the 650 is just around the corner
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    Yeah, if mine had been that screwed up...and it looks like I'm heading in that direction, I would have taken the offer. The quality of these Treos leaves much to be desired (I often desire other phones for example).

    Take it!
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    yea seriously, its a no brainer. If you take the money you get the choice of doing whatever you want with $650 in your pocket. Buy a short term phone or repurchase a treo600 again. Either way with the money in YOUR hand its your choice. All you can do is win if you take the money. Not taking it limits your options big time and may eventually cost you money.

    I highly doubt anyone will give you a free upgrade. I have been trying to pull for this myself. I have a 14 day trial period for my T600 from sprint and I am going to return it. In the meantime I have a Blackberry I can use from my business and I will reactivate a crappy normal cell phone on that Treo's # while I wait for the 650. This way I only pay once.
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    Thanks for the input. I'll return my current model and most likely buy a new 600 at $100 less. Then I will sell on e-bay when the time comes.
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    How did you get them to give you a refund? I am on my 7th Treo and I have even resorted to buying a second one so that I havw it on hand when the current one starts buzzing or whatever other problem. I sure would appreciate a refund also, I feel I desearve it.
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    I wonder if it is really right to be very critical and perfectionist on even the slightest "defects" or smallest details unless it really is. I am afraid that palmone would raise their price since they will have to cover on so the many return units.

    The only reason so far i have think why palmone would make a full refund is if they are fed up to customer who may be a perfectionist of which a product will never ever be. That is why there would always be a new "upgraded" model.

    I stand corrected.

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