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    Well hello Treists. My first post here.

    I'm on my second Treo 600 (first one failed a battery test... was holding charge for about 12 hours... this one is slightly better... can last two days now). The problem has persisted between the two phones so maybe I'm just really unlucky...

    Some of my calls (actually, a hefty majority of them) are going straight to voicemail. I have a SprintPCS version of the phone. Also, sometimes when attempting to check the freshly delivered voicemail (having apparently "missed" the call) or sometimes just making a regular call I get a message saying "The network could not complete your call". Two buttons are on the bottom giving the option to Dismiss or Redial, I believe. Sometimes I have to tap Redial three or four times before the call begins going through, but it always does go through eventually (mind you this is when I have perfectly adequate reception).

    Has anyone seen this before? Tech support was clueless. I searched the boards here and found only a couple mentions of the error message but none on SprintPCS and none with too similar of a scenario as mine.

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    Well unfortunately, I don't believe it's this problem. All of the network search problems say that the phone starts to dial, drops, starts searching for the network (hence the name of the problem) and then drops them back out to the phone app. Mine doesn't do that. It just says the network could not be found and has the two buttons to Dismiss or Redial. Hitting redial a couple times places the call. It never goes into search mode. And, unlike those people with the network search problem, mine doesn't go away when it's in the cradle charging.

    Any other ideas? It truly is maddening. Some friends send me an SMS straight away (and which I receive immediately) saying that my phone is sending them straight to voicemail and I'm always able (sometimes after clicking Redial a couple times) to call them. It's very buggy.

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    Sounds like a defective Treo to me! Get a replacement!!
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    I have had this experience in the past. I was told by AT&T tech support it is a signal strength issue. Supposedly there is a minimum amount of signal your phone must have to receive a call and ring. When the call goes to VM, there is a lesser threshhold of signal to notify if a waiting VM.

    BS? Maybe, but that's what I was told. What is your signal strength when this happens?
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    This is somewhat similar to my problem. I was in my office with a 4 bar signal in my home Sprint PCS service area. The Treo phone rang once and then immediately went to VM. I was told in my other thread

    that a call rolls to VM in 23 seconds. I can't imagine it took me 23 seconds to get to the phone! As well, my ringer is just a standard "Loud Phone" ring so it's not a long MIDI file that's playing or something like that. I still haven't got a resolution to my issue that may be similar to yours.
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    I have this situation frequently happen to me on Sprint. I think it has something to do with the coverage. It seems to be getting worse on my phone...
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    sounds like the infamous network search to me. Remember, with software 1.20 you don't get the network search notice, just 'no service'

    In any case it sounds like you're going back to Sprint
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    It happens everywhere but sporadically. I sit here at my desk where it happens and I have 3 bars of signal here. It doesn't seem to be tied to signal strength because it happens randomly while I'm sitting at this desk o' mine.
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    my ESN *is* in the range that has problems with this.

    Strange though, because I don't get anything about 'no service'... just that the network could not complete the call.
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    So, what is everyone's preferred backup method? Can I basically ghost what's in my handy, tempermental little friend?
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    Quote Originally Posted by orangechicken
    So, what is everyone's preferred backup method? Can I basically ghost what's in my handy, tempermental little friend?
    Backup Buddy!

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