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    I have "Cingular Extend" showing on mine which I think may mean that my treo is picking up t-mobile network instead of cingular. I also lose signal when I go further out of the city. When I use the same SIM card on my older sony ericsson it says "Cingular" and I can use it anywhere. It makes my treo useless on my GSM Nation plan. Is my treo not setup completely for "Cingular"? How to check?

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    i called cingular and asked them about that and they say they have a contract with at&t and t-mobile to pick up there signal when it cant reach the cingular one and that's why it says cingular extend. they told me that there is no extra charge. mines usually on just cingular.
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    Depends on where I am. Most of the time it's on Cingular but occasionally I am on Cingular extend at home (near ATT tower). It doesn't affect your rates or data at all.

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