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    I received a 600 as an insurance replacment (lockline) for my t300 after it developed a big yellow dot. I was happy, but really do miss the flip (had mine for over a year, not even a crack)...the benefits outweigh that detriment as far as I'm concerned though.

    I had a wonderful Leather Intl case for my t300 that didn't fit my 600 well, so I began my search for a new case. I ended up with the Krusell classic because I like the form fit, and a belt clip is a must for me. I debated getting something like the covertec horiz, but without a flip I figured I'd be fingering the screen (due to no flip)every time I grabbed it from the I went with the Krusell.

    I like the case a lot, well made...etc BUT, since it has the phone facing out it caused a vulnerability. While walking through a door I had to avoid running into someone and smacked my t600 into the push bar on the door...doh! Of course it was a direct hit on the screen and created a dent or wrinkle which has yellow spots under it. I'm guessing this will spread, but for now it's usable.

    For those who have used the boxwave screen protectors...are they protective for impacts as well as surface scratches? I just don't know how thick the plastic is, or how well it'd help with something like this.

    Anyone figure out a good solution to the fingering the screen issue with all of the horizontal cases that have the phone face-in? I can't say I want the flip style case because I don't want leather flopping around while using it as a phone, so this seems to be my only other option with decent screen protection if the boxwave cleartouch doesn't provide impact resistance.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks the0ne
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    I have the P1 horizontal case. you simply grab the antenns and you're good to go without grabbing the screen. You can get these relatively cheap on ebay, and it has held up very well over the past 11 months.

    As for screen protectors, nothinng would protect you from the damage you have. Probably on the metal case with the metal cover could (I have one of those for my GSM treo, security in Frankfurt airport dropped it, no damage to treo.

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