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    I have scanned the forums and haven't found consistent answers for these questions, so does anyone mind if I ask them in one place?

    I am looking to convert to a smartphone (Treo is the best form, IMO) but since I got off the Palm OS and went to PPC a few years ago, I am not sure that the way I want to use the smartphone will work on the Treo, so I was hoping for some quick opinions. I am not into playing games on the device, and the mp3 is of limited usefulness to me. I predominately want a phone/PDA that I can use as a mini-version of a contact manager with Outlook. (Yes, I know that ACT! is supposedly better, but it's always scared me to convert. Am I a chicken? Perhaps. Maybe you guys even can convince me to switch to ACT! if there is a suitable version for Palm ...??? )

    My job is somewhat of a sales job, so I make lots of calls and have lots of appts that get changed constantly and I need the ability to sync up with my Outlook (wirelessly, if possible) - perhaps on VZW Wireless Sync, but I haven't figured out if that is the best platform. Of note: I have used the GOOD platform before on a Treo I had for about 2 weeks at my old company, but ditched the Treo because my other job required me to do about 100 emails a day and those tiny keys killed me; I had to switch to the GOOD version of the blackberry. New job = lots less email, so I think it might be okay, and I have converted my own thought process toward getting a converged device rather than wanting to keep PDA and phone separate. At the new company we dont' have any such third party software, but if it makes sense, I can get my IT guy to look into it.

    I like to keep track of my calls to make as Outlook tasks, so they are resident on both platforms. Can I be on the Treo making a call and still viewing the tasks so I can make notes, "check off" a call made as complete, etc.? Or is this viewed as multi-tasking, which I don't think Palm OS (until Cobalt) can do?

    Also, I want something that allows multiple addresses, categories, and phone numbers from Outlook - actually the reason I switched to PPC several years ago, because I couldn't find Palm software that got around the silly limit on phone numbers/email addresses, categories, etc. I know that some of the 3rd party software claims to sync with all fields, but what I want to know is whether any of these actually allow links to remain. For instance, on a calendar appointment, task, whatever, in Outlook I can "connect" peoples' names to that event so that I can effectively journal my activities with people. Can that be done via Palm? I still haven't found a 3rd party app on PPC that can, so I am hopeful that some software on Palm can do it.

    I have also seen lots of other utilities, like TakePhone, etc. that seem to make the experience a lot better/more efficient - anyway that you all might share some of your favorites so I can look into them?

    Thanks, I appreciate your input and suggestions ... great forum.
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    Go to and look into their Key Suite. I think it will meet your needs for Outlook especially multiple address, categories, e-mail # etc. The piece I don't know if whether its synchronizes links. It certainly talks about being able to create links on the handheld. You might like to call their tech support and ask them. I run Key Suite and like it very well.
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    Thanks, andrew42. I checked out the site and will call them. It actually says it doesn't sync email, so I will have to ask more about that and the question about the links.

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    Quote Originally Posted by masseyc_99
    Can I be on the Treo making a call and still viewing the tasks so I can make notes, "check off" a call made as complete, etc.? Or is this viewed as multi-tasking, which I don't think Palm OS (until Cobalt) can do?
    Not sure about with all apps, but you can use your Treo while on the phone. I can go to MemoPad or Address Book or almost any app sans Mp3 or Game, I guess, honestly, never tried it.

    Since the Treo is a speakerphone, when I need to check a memo, I put them on speaker, look it up and not miss a beat.

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    The only limitation I have ever encountered is that you cannot make a data connection while you are on a voice call, i.e., you can't browse on the web while talking on the phone.

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