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    I searched but could not find an answer. Any hel would be greatly appreciated.

    I have Palm Desktop 4.1.4 installed on my PC. I spent the time entering all of my family/friend/co-worker bday information. I'm using a m125 (upgrading this afternoon to the T600) and performed a hot sync. The bday information did not end up on the m125. Is thsi because it is an older unit with out dated Palm OS software? Will the bday info show up on the T600?

    Please help! Thanks. This is a great resource!!!
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    Where did you add the bday info? Was it in one of the extra 4 custome fields or another area?
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    When you enter information in Palm Desktop 4.1.4 (most current), there is a birthday field.

    Thanks for your reply. Any help is appreciated.
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    try to beam that information over
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    ezcla, in order to get the birthday field to sync, i think you have to specify that you want that custom field to sync. let me figure it out and i'll post again. i use outlook with pocketmirror so it might take me a few minutes.

    EDIT: i'm using pocketmirror to sync with outlook. when you edit the pocketmirror settings for contacts, there is an option where you can set up to four custom fields to sync. i added "Birthday" as one of them. i do "BusinessAddress" as the other one so i get home and business addresses on the palm.

    i haven't done a sync with the palm desktop in a long time but i would image there would be a way to edit the contacts syncing options to add a custom field. sorry i can't help more.
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    I ran into the same problem you did. It's not just the birthdays, but also the two additional addresses, extra phone/fax/email fields, IM client fields, etc. in 4.1.4. I'm not sure why palmOne/handspring didn't include those in the 600.
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    Lax I think you are the only one who sees what I'm saying.

    Thanks for the Outlook help, and the custom field help, however, in 4.1.4, there is a BDAY field, which goes hand in hand on the desktop, not PIM (m125 or T600).

    Any help would still be appreciated!

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