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    Here we go again. This was reported at Evidentally, the Palmstore website mentioned the Treo 650 and then it was later removed.

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    Yeah that was the first inadvertant verification (as opposed to this thread's second) that was mentioned in another thread on here first.
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    Its already been discussed here on this forum already. No need to start a new thread about it again.
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    I find it amusing how often a topic is first reported/diiscussed here on TC and then after Engadget, Brighthand, etc report on it, new threads are started here on TC that refer to the "story" on the other sites.
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    Wo, Wo, Wo, look what I discovered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I agree Tx, it is very amusing. You would think we were all working for CBS the way we point at eachother as the verifying source (ouch!).

    I don't think any of us need verification of the fact that a new Treo is coming, the only question now is when?? We also need to remember that P1's delay in making it official may not be based on their plan. That might be dictated to them by their distribution channel ("We'll take 4,000 units if you delay the announcment long enough for us to clear out our 600 stock. If you don't delay, the order drops to 2,000.").

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