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    Has anyone purchased the recently announced Treo600 Travel Cradle?

    If so, I'd be interested to hear your opinions of it.


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    I purchased one of these off ebay for $15 (and I see there are off brands now for even cheaper). It does what it's supposed to do but it is pretty flimsy. I'm glad I didn't pay $30 for it.
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    cheap plastic that barely stands up on the adjustable stand.

    otherwise its fine.
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    Any issues with cradle and cases? Am I going to have to take the Treo out of its leather case everytime I want to place it in the cradle?

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    OK just got mine in the mail. Failing to recieve or find any meaningful information on treocentral. I was forced to buy blind...

    Well... two minutes out of the box and I cannot hide my disapointment.

    As I suspected, the cradle is very lightweight. There is no way that it will stay still when I go to connect the Treo or least of all when I go to disconnect. Considering that the connector is quite tight, the whole contraption comes a flying, when you reach for the treo.

    So... it becomes a two handed operation, one to hold the base the other to lift the treo. No good.

    Second is the the "adjustable" angle thingy. Not to secure my friends. The slightest jostle and the top falls flat.

    Now my biggest pet peave... IF YOU USE A COVER WITH A BELTCLIP FORGET ABOUT USING THIS CRADLE. (to be clear - I use a leather cover with belt clip that I purchased at Sprint) First off, I take both treo and belt clip unit off at the same time. I sit rather close to the desk and I don't like have the clip consantly scratching against the desk or worse yet digging into my side... So when I go for my Treo I pull the entire mechanism off. But when you go to place it on the cradle the first thing you notice is that the cradle back is so high, that the belt clip attachment prevents the treo from sliding down. So you say "take the clip off", well even then the swivel nob that is permently attached to the case, prevents the placement on the cradle. So you are left with only one option... to take the entire case off. No an acceptable solution in my book.

    SO what to do. I guess I will return it or maybe keep it and put in in my laptop bag for when I travel, but honestly in that case I will just keep the usb sync/charge cord handy.

    But I am left with the quandry as to what do I do with the Treo on my desk???

    I want a cradle that can receive my treo, preferable with the belt clip attached, but failing that, it MUST accept the treo in the case.

    Can the standard treo cradle do this????

    Any other suggestions? And why nice, the MDISI $200 papa, is out of my price range.

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