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    QUOTE=MVT The Life Timer suggests that it is not new....grrr.[/QUOTE]
    [QUOTE=rucksdashel][Let me get this straight - my Life Time shows my minutes as 006494. My serial number includes the date 4051 representing a manufacturing date of the first day of the fifth week of 2004. I switched to Sprint for the sole purpose of getting the Treo so I bought the phone at the Sprint store. My monthly minutes are 600 and I NEVER come close to using all my minutes. I started with Sprint in April of 2004 and based on Sprint's records, my Life Time minutes add up to 2,318. So if I have this straight, the NEW phone that I got in April had 4,176 minutes already logged on it!

    Do I have this right? When I bought my NEW treo 600 at the Sprint store with PalmOne branded on it it had been used for 4,176 minutes already?

    If that is right, who is responsible for getting me a NEW phone - Sprint or PalmOne? [QUOTE]

    I felt this tread warranted a higher visibility. I hope that's OK. It looks like PalmOne is fudging the facts. If a P1 user or better yet a user that is an attorney can help me figure out if I really have a complaint against them. It bothers me that I got what appears to be a used unit thinking it was new. The quotes above came from the thread If you would rather, I welcome your comments by emailing me directly.
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    The Life Timer data isn't accurate. Mine says I've used over 12000 minutes in less than a year. I only have a 500 minute shared plan and I rarely go over...definitely not 500 minutes over.

    btw, I got mine a month after they hit the market so I'm sure mine was brand-new
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    So do you think this "Life Time" is not accurate enough such that I shouldn't be concerned about it?

    Is there a way to contact someone we trust would give us a straight answer at PalmOne?
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    well, i never looked at it until your post and was surprised at the number it showed on my phone. so based on my numbers, i don't think it's anything to be concerned about but i'm sure there is someone on these boards that can give a definitive answer.
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    I got my third replacement (refurbished) Treo and imidiatly checked the life timer and was surprised - it was 12345 - i don't think it's a coincidence. Their software must be able to set this timer to any value and may have bugs causing this timer not to be reset properly.
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    Time spent while actively using (transferring data) Vision or GPRS will cause your life timer to increment.
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    FWIW: I replaced my Treo 600 with a brand new Treo 600 after the speaker died in April `04. The SPCS store gave me a brand new one, not refurb'd and manufactured only weeks before. I checked the life timer and it was at zero.

    When I put in my SD Card and restored the new phone to the same specs as the busted speaker treo...the lifetimer carried over.

    Not sure if this helps, but that's what happened to me. I would'nt worry about it.

    Just my .02.
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    I am wondering if the Life Timer counts minutes connected via GPRS as well.
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    I got my Treo 600 new (revision C) in December of 04. My life time is now over 7000 minutes, but I use less than 500 mins per month. 5x9 months is 4500 - nowhere near 7000. I suspect that data minutes are tallied as well as voice minutes.

    Does your device show refurb status as "yes" or "no"? What is the Warranty Date?

    Also it is unclear from your post if you're having a problem with your device, or if there are any defects whatsoever. Or if you're just complaining that maybe the phone had some usage prior to you owning it that would be undetected save for the Life Timer?
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    I was complaining because after 6 refurbs, they told me they were so embarrassed they would send me new one and then when the new one comes, before I even get it charged, I can see from the lifetime timer that it is another refurb.

    I haven't had it but 18 hours so who knows if its fully functional but why apologize, tell me you are embarrassed, offer me a new one to keep me as as a happy customer and then send me another refurb?
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    Good points. The history of this (6 refurbs) wasn't in the post above, so I didn't know about that bit. Yeah - they should give you a new 600 if not a 650.
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    Now THAT is an excellent idea....why didn't I think of it?

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