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    Dear All,

    My syster brought 270 from NL and she cannot use local SIM Card (Indonesia) with it. Any suggestion?

    Thanks in Advanced
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    What error is she actually getting ?

    It sounds suspiciously like your sister has purchased a 270 locked to a network in NL (when you say NL, I presume you mean Netherlands...).
    You will need the unlock code from the network provider in NL.
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    Yes, 270 from netherland. But the 270 is in Indonesia now, is there any other way to unlock (?) in Indonesia?
    I realy need advise otherwise I can only use the pda functions.

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    This could be a different problem...
    Did your sister actually see the phone working? If not, perhaps it had this problem before (ie. in the Netherlands).

    I suspect that your may have the 'endless network search' phenomenon.

    There are several fixes for this:

    1. Radio reset application (backup your data first)
    2. Unplugging the battery for a few minutes
    3. Reloading the GPRS updater GPRS Updater
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    Hi michels,

    1. Did the phone work in NL? Was it purchased unlocked or against an NL network contract?
    2.Have you tried using other SIM cards in Indonesia (from a friend or colleague)?
    If you are still having problems PM me with your contact number (if you feel comfortable). I live in Indonesia and can try to help you out.

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