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    I have been having Treo600 network search problems and can't get the IR beaming to work from it. Other PDAs don't see my phone and mine doesn't see anything else even though they are inches from one another. Is there anything that needs to be setup or do I just take it back for replacement #4.

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    make sure beaming is set to ON in PREFS.
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    For what it's worth, the Treo Ir send is always on. It's the Ir receive that can be toggled on/off.

    So, if you are unable to send to anyone, you could have a problem.

    Also, make sure that the person who is trying to receive:
    1. Has their beam receive turned on
    2. Can actually receive from a Treo (a lot of mobile phones out there can't...)

    Quick test is to beam to another Palm device.
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    I did try to beam to another Treo 600 and my Receive and the other Treo's receive are set to On. The other Treo is able to beam to other Palm devices. Looks like I need to get a replacement
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    My T600 can't beam either, and the preferences said it was on. Maybe because I dropped it by accident a few months ago. To be safe (or not), I still have to install the 1.20 updater. If that screws up my Treo, hello Lockline!
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    IR doesn't work here either...hasn't for a long time... With the small semicircle halo appearing on the left hand side of the screen as well, it's about time for a replacement. My original purchased in December... Hopefully #2 will work out
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    I had trouble receiving data beamed to my 600 from my wife's Palm V until I soft reset the 600.
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    Yes. Sometimes the IR get screwed up by software. When I find it doesn't work, I soft reset, and it always works after that.

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