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    Ok I have the latest Snapper mail.. I want to have the mail completely load to my Treo and then immendiately delete off the pop server (ATT MMODE Account) It only has a 10mb limit and I don't want to manage that..

    I have Snapper set to

    Receive All Messages
    Receive Entire Message

    Delete from Server when fully retrieved.

    Sometimes I get a huge message with a 1mb attachment and I hit cancel. I want to make sure that it just gets deleted from the server even if it does not fully download.

    Do I need to check ALL the Delete from Server criteria? If they are all checked does that mean ANY one of those conditions will delete from the server??
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    Probably not what you were asking, but I had mine set so that when I emptied the trash folder, it would delete those from the POP server on the next retrieve. Worked well, gave me control over what was deleted from the server. Using IMAP4 now, so different methods.
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    The mail will not 'immediately' delete from the server. You will have to download your email, disconnect from your POP account and then re-establish a new session to do the delete.

    I suggestion you simply download the headers of your emails. This way, you can check who they are from and the size.

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