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    In reading various press releases from Sierra Wireless, it is clear that they will no longer supply the 1xRTT CDMA modem module for the next Treo 650. I recall reading somewhere that PalmOne was collaborating with GTrans Wireless, but can't seem to find the source.

    My only reasonable explanation for the change is that the new CDMA modem is going to support 1xEVDO, but perhaps I'm dreaming?

    Can anyone discredit or confirm my memory here of the connection to GTran?
    -- S8C
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    Could be EVDO, could also be support for PTT, or both. Could also be because Sierra was not able to shrink the harware down enough. Could be the use of the CDMA's "SIM" card. Can't remember the name, but CDMA can support a card that acts like a SIM card, and the card is backwards compatible with GSM SIM. Lot of possibilities, we will just have to wait to see what they actually do use and what it can support.
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    I believe RUIM is the CDMA version of the SIM. However, IMHO, there is no chance that the CDMA 650 will utilize RUIM simply because SPCS and Verizon would have so much groundwork to lay before they could ever implement a new system. I doubt there will be EV-DO support either, but surprise me, Palm!
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    RUIM. Thats it. I wonder if they can make an RUIM act like the current ESN system used by Sprint and Verizon. Seems like it would have to if the vendors want some sort of migration path to the technology in the future. I would hope that Qualcom would only develop this technology with a migration strategy for existing customers.
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    Honestly, I don't know much about RUIM. I remember seeing an in-depth technical discussion on HoFo about it (which is the only reason I even know the name). I do know that it is currently used by China's largest CDMA telecom.
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    I think the SIM is an advantage og GSM, the ability to switch quickly between phones or use any phone available. Implementing a SIM like capabilities would be very cool.

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