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    I've seen lots of posts on this board hammering Verizon for waiting so long to release the 600. As a Verizon customer I was annoyed too because all other major carriers were offering it. But as I search this forum at older threads, I notice lots of problems (i.e. buzzing during calls, spots on screens, etc) where the 600 had to be exchanged, sometimes multiple times byt the same user.

    It seems that some of those hardware/firmware issues were ironed out, correct? I do realize Verizon has had billing issues as evident by some of the threads here but as far as hardware, how many people have had to send their 600's back for replacement on Verizon versus those on other carriers (as a percentage of course).
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    Still on my first Treo 600 from Sprint. It is a revision C unit and I've had it since December of '03.
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    probably true, but I guess I'd rather take my chances than wait a year for Verizon to come out with a device that everyone else already has.
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    There are benefits and drawbacks. The verizon phones came with the latest firmware already installed, so it shows that the software problems have been ironed out. The billing issues seem to be "features" more than "bugs," seeing as how they fall in line with Verizon's official policy.

    The quality control hardware issues are pretty much the same though, I don't expect that to be all that different. If you got lucky with a good build, you should be alright.
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    I had two Treo's and sent them back apparently they were missiing software, because one of thre replacements I received had the same problem
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    I've my sprint treo 600 for over 6 months. Zero problems, none, nadda. The problem with message boards like this is people like me (and I have to believe the vast majority) who are not having problems do not post when everything is hunky-dory. Only the small percentage of folks that have problems post the problems which gives the false impression that the hardware is faulty.

    I don't think Verizon is smart or wise.....just slooooooowwwww.

    And where can you beat $15 per month for unlimited.....yes unlimited data. Add PDANet to this equation and you can't beat Sprint.

    BTW, I'm not a Sprint employee but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express.
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    I've had my 600 since Nov'03 on T-Mobile. I've sent it back twice, which was kind of annoying, but each time I got a new unit back, and I still love it. Having said that, and now with number portability, I am contemplating waiting for the CDMA 650 (even if that's 9 months away , and switching to Verizon, as T-Mobile coverage in my area is not thorough.
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    I have had my Treo on Cingular since May and have no problems to speak up. One of the reasons I left Verizon was their long drawn out process to qualify phones.

    I realize some may say that this improves the quality of the phones but witness the recent problems Verizon had with the T720 as an example where Verizon had a phone with a lot of problems despite extensive testing.

    I just think that just because you have an extensive test procedure, that alone does not ensure a phone with no problems.
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    she stayed with Sprint from back in the day... still had the $5 vision plan per month. came back from my jaunt through AT&T (awful data), T-Mo (awful phone) and put my phone plan under hers! 700 minutes between the two of us, $70 per month. never ever ever leaving Sprint.
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    Ricochet, ya gotta luv the wife! Only $5 for Vision, I pay double for that. Somethings when they stay the same -- is a good thing!
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