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    Has anyone used one of these things, and if so, what are they like? Also the web site says the treo 600 needs the one for pocket pc, not for palm. Can anyone help, please?

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    I have Presenter To Go. It works great. The only snafu is that it takes up the SD slot so your prez needs to be in memory. Not that big a deal though.

    The only "issue" I can see with the product is that it doesn't handle animations on slides - you get the composite slide without any "fly-ins",etc.

    I recall getting the Palm version. I can't imagine that the PPC version would work - drivers would be all wrong.

    Also - from the Margi site:
    Presenter-to-Go SD for Palm OS Devices (24000-Series: 24001, 24002, 24003 )
    Vendor Model
    Alphasmart Dana
    Handspring Treo 600
    Kyocera Kyocera 7135
    pa1mOne Tungsten C
    Tungsten E - Please Note
    Tungsten T3 - Please Note
    Zire 31
    Zire 72
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    This is from their FAQ page...

    Presenter-to-Go card does not work in the Treo 600?
    Please make sure that the card P/N reads 20-2700. The SD card P/N:20-2400, it will not work in the Treo, even with a software/firmware update. Please contact our sales team for upgrade pricing.

    Cos I'm in the UK, the last bit may be a bit difficult. If you say it works well, I may just take the plunge!!
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    I have the card P/N 20-2700. It does work with my Sprint Treo 600. I can't imagine that it would be diff for the GSM version.
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    Since Margi hasn't responded to me with an answer yet, I'll ask here...

    I can't get presenter-to-go to work with any projector in the office. It works with the monitor at my desk, but no projectors (5 different ones). Just says ""Perfecting the image. Please Wait." I've tried all the different settings in the program and verified that the projectors support 1024x768 or 800x600 and that they work connected to a notebook computer. Also tried all the different refresh rates.

    What settings are working for everyone else who has one of these?


    Edit: It works on all the CRT and flat panel monitors I've tried it on so I know that it does output to something...
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