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    Hey - i have started having this wierd problem with my 270 in the middle of the day all of a sudden the LCD screen fails to respond to the stylus and nothing works - when i open/close the lid it probably presses on the screen and i get the TOP menu -

    just no i figured to slighlty hold up one of the hinge edges up and BOOM the stylus responds - tried a Soft and also Hard reset with no change MAYBE tomorrow might be a new day- i hope it improves

    would appreacite any insights
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    The two screws at the back (the top two) need adjusting. They are probably too tight and are causing pressure on the screen. Try to loosen them by a 1/4 turn.
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    thank you very much - i did excatly what you said and it worked like a charm - infact ended up stuffing cotton into the hole for the handle that itself helped keep it lifted.

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