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    I realize nobody actually knows these things, but I was wondering if it's a done-deal that Sprint will be the first (and only) carrier to initially have the T650.

    I'm in a contract with AT&T for another year and I'm relatively satisfied with their service. However, my obsessive, unrelenting addiction for gadgets, combined with a total lack of financial prudence, will lead me to break my contract and jump ship to Sprint just to get the T650 if AT&T gets the T650 until much later.
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    great avatar argelius

    reg. your question: consider it a done deal that your gadget-mania will be tested soon by having to burn some money
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    I'll start selling my soul on Ebay to offset the cost of the inevitable...

    [And glad you like my avatar...I could take this opportunity to go on-and-on-and on, but I'll bite my tongue in favor of thread integrity...]
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