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    I am still looking for the best To do app out there. What do you use as your To Do app (beside the built-in To do)?
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    Bonsai - it's got a great desktop and pda application
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    Depends on what you want. I like ToDo Plus. Its quick and shows what I want on the screen - the due date and category. You can find it on Palmgear.
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    Does ToDo Plus support 5-way navigation yet?
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    I doubt it. I and several other people emailed them about 10 months ago about this, and no one ever got a reply. Poor support.
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    ToDo Plus does not fully support the 5 way navigation. It will scroll up and down but the side to side and middle button do nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rbienstock
    rbienstock - how long did it take you to set it up? I have this app on trial and the manual is about 80 pages. It appears that it does a lot of unique things versus other apps but is the setup time and effort worth it?

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