Hi Guys,

After attempting to update my Treo 600 to the new, official Orange GSM Firmware - using both the Orange method (as described on their site) and the method covered at myTreo.net, both times it came back saying it was an incompatible device!!

OK, fair enough - fiddle with that later...
(Despite not updating, it went fine, and semed to exit ok)

However, when I come to re-sync up to my usual account (as opposed to the INSTALL account used for transfering the FW update), the sync seemd to work fine (tho it didnt ask outlook for access), and gave no error messages or log alerts.

Treo resets as you'd expect - then hangs at the "Palm Powered" logo screen! It sits their for as long as you let it.

Now, if you do a hard reset, it loads fine, but obviously the default apps etc, so I dont think i've fried the ROM doing the update.

I found that if I do a soft reset, it clears the "hang-on-logo", but although it seems to reinstall most of my apps, it doesnt seem to have bought accross any of my data, ie calendar / sms / phone numbers etc.

Remembering that you can dial #*377 to get a "crash report", it tells me LightWav caused a terminal crash, and trying to run LightWav crashes the phone out.

I seem to recall reading on LightWav that you have to disable it to upgrade, but I've hotsync'ed loads of times in the past with this and not had any problems.

What I'd like to do initially is to delete LightWav from the sync information stored on my PC, hence syncing accross everything bar LightWav (I have tried uninstalling it, but sync just puts it back).

Anyone know how to remove individual apps from a sync?

Any help getting my trusty Treo back on its feet would be greatfully appreciated - must say Im getting a bit concerned about this!!! ;(