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    Is there a software that sync Treo calendar with Exchange via GPRS or WiFi? Pocket Mirror works great only when I hotsync with my office computer. But once I am out of the office, I can't update my calendar on the Treo remotely. I really need a software like what SnapperMail does for emails on IMAP. Thanks.
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    Good Technologies Good Link, Puma Intellisync Anywhere, Chapura Nomad (Not sure if it's available anymore) and Aether Scout Sync can all do Treo syncing to Exchange over GPRS. They are all enterprise applications though, with services that need to run on Exchange, ports opened in firewalls, etc. Also, all have pretty high startup costs, $200 or so per user with a minimum of five users. Some companies might be willing to give you the software if you're trying to set it up at home as a demo.

    Hope this helps.
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    There's also a way to do an actual hotsync wirelessly, although it's quite slow using CDMA 1x, so I imagine it would be gadawful using GPRS.

    Might be worth a try though. Do a search for 'wireless hotsync' and you should find some info.
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    Thanks to both of you.

    I did check on wireless hotsync. The problem is that my office PC is behind the firewall and I tried hotsync via GPRS. No luck. Can't even ping the PC. Will try to search for a VPN solution.
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    I use Mergic VPN to do exactly what you're looking for ...... wireless sync via VPN through our corporate firewall. Works great ........
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    I tried that but couldn't get through. We use Avaya VPN. Do you think this is a problem?
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    Don't know anything about Avaya VPN so I can't help you ...... we use Checkpoint/Cisco .......

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