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    I know a lot has been written on this subject, but I need "Ringtones on Treo for Dummies." Here's the dilemma:

    I have Treo600, with Sprint the carrier. When I go to Sprint's downloads to get new ringtones, I can only see the current page. When I click "Next," it simply reloads the page. I would think Sprint would know this is a problem, but apparently not.

    I want new ringtones -- and since I can't seem to get them from Sprint, I'd like to convert my own MP3s to ringtones and use TreoManager to play them.

    From that starting point, assume I know nothing. How do I do this? (Send me to a link if it's been discussed elsewhere. I couldn't find it!).

    THANKS --
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    Gosh they are out there. If you are interested in making your own, then there are a few avenues. If you wanna do it via the Treo 600, then something like PAR (I use PAR Pro V2), SoundRec, Audicity (?), that is if you are interested in WAV files. Those files can then be converted to a different format using a program like MP3Maker. From the desktop, MusicMatch Junkbox or something like that to record it and convert as needed. If it's midi's, then the world is out there. Places for WAVs, midis: or

    There are lots out there. It is fun though making them yourself. Funny voices, et cetera. They can be used with programs like Call Shield, Call Filter, et cetera.


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