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    An Ultra Secure Digital Memory card is supposed to have faster transfer rates than a regular Secure Digital card.

    Will an Ultra card allow faster transfers while "playing" DVD's, MP3's or playing other multi-media?

    I guess my question is, will an Ultra give me any advantage when playing multi-media or is the advantage only in copying aand saving data?

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    My guess is that the bus on the Treo is already so slow that Ultra won't make a significant difference, but I'm just guessing on that. There are programs that will allow you to see how fast an SD card is; search the SD(IO) forums to see if anyone's benchmarked the difference.
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    I have noticed a major difference using a high speed card when recording voice directly to the card and playing back voice recordings from the card so I think the speed of the card does make a difference.
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    yea ultra cards do make a difference
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    Cool! Thanks!

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