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    If there is a thread somewhere on this, please let me know...I can't find one. Apologies in advance for the long post...I'm frustrated and hoping someone can help, or at least commiserate.

    I have a problem with my Treo 600 on T-Mobile service in San Francisco, CA that I have seen no one else discuss (so far). When I make a call that requires you to enter touchtones (e.g., voicemail, voicemail, a conference call service, phone banking...anything), my sounds starts to cut in and out such that you can't make out the words at all. It happens when I enter more than 7-10 keys (e.g., going through a lot of voicemail, or just entering one bank account number). The more tones you enter, the worse it becomes until you can't understand a thing (although you can tell a person is talking, sort of). It's not just what I hear either, if I leave a message for someone, they complain that they can't make out what I'm saying.

    This only happens in certain neighborhoods (e.g., my home, UGH!, but also two neighborhoods I have checked voicemail from in San Francisco), but is 100% consistent (every single call) in those places. It never happens some other places that I frequent, such as my work.

    This problem started only after the software on my phone was updated using the updater that PalmOne released (v 1.12). I did not have this problem with my first phone, before the update.

    I've done a lot to troubleshoot this. T-mobile has replaced my phone 4 times (they all come preloaded with v 1.12 now). I have tried it fresh-out-of-the-box and I have tried the phone with my software/settings installed. I have hard reset and tried it. I have put my SIM card in another Treo 600 and tried it. I have put other SIM cards in my phone (both T-Mobile and Cingular, they share the same network in California) and tried it. I have tried other Treo 600s with other peoples SIM cards (T-Mobile or Cingular). I spoke with the Cingular salesman at the store on my street, and he has the same problem, but doesn't use voicemail or touch tones much, so he doesn't care. I've spent hours on the phone with T-Mobile customer support and hours on *hold* with PalmOne customer support (only person I got through to at PalmOne was worthless). I have the exact same problem every time. I have also tried my phone in other neighborhoods. This time no problem.

    The only thing I haven't done yet is borrow an AT&T Wireless SIM card and see if my phone does it on their network. I intend to try this as soon as I can.

    Finally, I called the HQ of T-Mobile and spelled the CEO's name (had to enter touch tones). When I got to his voicemail, the sound quality was bad as usual. I left him a message, then called back again with my AT&T Wireless TDMA phone and left another message (there is no way he could make out what I said in my first message, just that someone was talking). Their executive offices have sent me yet another phone and are slowly repeating all the troubleshooting I have already done.

    Anyone have any suggestions??? Anyone have this problem in SF? Anywhere else?
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    This is a known issue, and is being tracked (with seemingly little progress) on the thread "Wierd call break-up when dialing digits" at

    I've had the problem with my Cingular Treo here in the SF Bay Area for a while now. I'm on my first replacement (second phone). I've begun posting at which locations I run into the problem.
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    Thanks Blocktek, I'm going over there now!

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