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    ... it takes so long to charge the battery on the Treo? I received a replacement for my original and it prompted me to ask this question as I had the same issue with my original.

    Why does it take so long to charge the battery on the Treo? It was at 91% and I decided to top it off before I left my office. Fourtyfive minutes later... it's at 99%.

    I don't recall having any other device that took this long to charge.

    ALSO - Has anyone tried the extended battery from PDA Parts?
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    Maybe an always on data connection or the screen being on for an extended period of time. I have the screen set to shut off after 30 seconds. As for charging, take about 30 minutes for mine to go from 80 or so to 95 or so. Ben
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    I installed it, and the difference was barely noticable, and wasn't worth the money, the trouble, or the voided warantee.

    To top things off, after a little more than two months, the first significant drop onto the floor killed the battery, and now I am back to the original.

    Final word: not worth it.
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    Lithium Ion batteries don't charge linerarly. It may only take two hours to charge from 20% to 95% but might take another 6 to get the last 5%.

    It might also be that your Treo's battery guage isn't properly calibrated. It should self-calibrate from use if that's the problem. Or it could be a malfunction; see if it you keep noticing a problem or if it only happens on a top-off.

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