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    Hey, I'm new to my Treo 600. *loving it*

    I bought it used so it has tons of games on it and I was playin' one. Well after pressing the little house key to get outta the program it went into sleep mode. After a while it started to get hot and my battery was dying pretty quickly.
    I'm assuming the program was running in the background. How do I cut it off? Or is there a proper way to close out a program that doesn't have an 'exit' button?

    Lastly, where can I get a copy of AIM?
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    I'm not sure about the gaming issue, but last night my phone got really hot for several hours. It was just sitting idle. The battery drained from about 85% to 10% in just 2-3 hours with almost no use. I'm worried my battery is fried!
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    Exactly what happened to me for the most part. Its fine now, I performed a soft reset and it worked out nicely.
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    Mine seemed to be doing that quite often. Soft / Hard reset no avail... Got a replacement.
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    Mine seems to be fine now. Not hot, battery life as usual. I wonder how widespread this problem is?
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    I'm a brand new Treo 600 user (5 days now) and I just started noticing the same thing starting yesterday. The battery life up until then was really good, then all of a sudden it started draining at an alarming speed. I did a soft reset about an hour ago (after reading the suggestions here) and the battery appears to be holding steady now.

    Just hoping that does the trick.

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