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    My 600 has worked flawlessly since Feb, but over the last 6 wks or so has started acting wacky. It randomly exhibits failure to complete a voice call; i.e. it will appear to be dialing the number then just drops back to the dialpad. It also will drop connection with the tower and pretty much refuse to reconnect. It will do this freshly charged (showing 4.06v).

    The 1st time I experienced this I called CS (T-Mobile) and after a lengthy description of the handset's errant behavior, they started a trouble ticket and 2 days later sent an sms proclaiming the (network?) problem solved. It was, for about a week.

    At one point in time I discovered that during one of these episodes if I put it in it's charging cradle, the symptoms vanish. Works perfectly. So I'm certain that the problem is power-related on my end. However, the battery showing a full-charge at 4.06v has me wondering..

    Before I order the 2000ma replacement battery I'm wondering if any of y'all have experienced the same. BTW I've done the batt-disconnect reset and every other reset without solution.
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    I just started having similiar problems.

    Read about the network search problem here...
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    Yes it is the battery/network problem.This is a known issue and phone should be replaced.
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    Thanks for the comments. T-Mobile CS proves to be (once again) first class. I asked for a replacement and it's on it's way. Hopefully the replacement will be a good one.
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    I just got a NEW replacement at a sprint store. I am a happy boy!
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    I highly recommend the 2000 mAh battery over a new treo. I had the same probs and after sprint refused to replace the whole phone I just ordered the new battery. Its a bit of a trick to replace if you don't get their case opener tool, but I did it. Good luck.
    *first/only treo (handspring branded), second owner, heavy use, runs perfect*

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