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    Just got back from trip to UK with my Treo 600. I was unable to figure out how to add "00" when dialing from my contact list. 80% of my numbers are US numbers. And ideas or third party phone dialiers out there?

    I would like to see the ability to phone numbers in the contact list with country code, then indicate which country I'm in, and the software would add then prefix access code if needed for number in the contact list. I have seen similar functionality on my home phone, but with area codes.
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    i had the same thing living here in brasil.
    i use takephone, from
    works well and i use it exclusively now.
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    All you need to do is to put a '+' (no quotes) in front of the country code. For example, a number in Munich, Germany would be entered as +49 89.... Similarly, San Francisco number would be +1 415.... This works for me in both the standard treo contacts and favorites (and in most other phone applications I have seen).

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