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    I'm getting ready to upgrade my 512mb sd card to a 1gb one (since the prices have dropped below $100). Just for grins, I've been searching Google for a 2gb sd card and can only find old articles and announcements circa 2003 talking about them 'coming soon'. Does anyone know about any 2gb sd cards being available from any manufacturer? If not, isn't that weird, considering how long the 1gb has been available?
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    I've read the old 2 Gb posts too. Different technology and processes I guess, but they seem to have the compact flash cards on a fast track. I've read where 12 Gb CF cards are on the way.
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    Any comments?
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    Thanks for your thoughts fgkay! Sorry to 'bump' after your comment. I must have been typing it when you posted.
    Anybody else have any comments on this?
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    2 GB early 2005 is when it is "suppose" to be on its way... although it could be sooner because of the price drops on ALL the media
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    Hey sledgie, where'd you read about the early '05 release? I can't find anything current when I search.
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    i read it on one of those informative sites about 2 weeks ago - i checked my IE history but it's not in there anymore... here's something that is somewhat vague... but

    also check out the pricedrop on the 1gb SD PQI card. Great card - i highly recommend it

    here's another article i just found -

    read the part on SD - projected capacity looks nice... by end of 2004 they expect to be able to manufacture the 4gb, i'll keep looking for that announcement that 2gb should be coming early 2005
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    I'd posted a query wrt 2gb SD cards a little while ago, fwiw. Anyways, when I googled around for them I did find some links and subsequent pages that looked like they might be available in Germany (.de), but I don't read German, so didn't persue it.
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