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    About my 3rd replacement somebody call me from corporate Palm and left me a number and said if you have to do any more replacements call this number at the HQ first. Does anyone have that number I have misplaced it.
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    i might need to call PalmOne to get a replacement bc of i just found out few orange dead spots on the screen. which number did u call for getting ur replacement?
    how long did u have to wait for receiving it?
    and did you have to send back ur old one?
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    If someone has that # and could message me. I currently am on my 3rd 600 and its malfunctioning.
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    I'm in the multiple club
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    I am sure if you call palmone they will have the #
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    I am on my 5th Treo 600.

    Everytime I called PalmOne (HS), who I bought it from, I was told to PFO.

    I am surprised they are interested now.
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    I am on my 5th. Read about my fun at

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