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    I am looking for an application that will (like the sms) allow me to call numbers (or e-mails) that are in my memo pad.

    Does Takephone do this?
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    Yes, TAKEphONE does this, you have to use the TAKEphONE app, and the free TAKEphONE OS-5 extention. If you get TAKEphONE it will also make 2DAY a little more usefull too. It's worth looking into. As always, you get a free trial of any of Shimon's applications. THis way you can see of you like it, before you buy it

    "TAKEphONE OS-5 extension: This file enables you to dial contacts from 3rd party applications by selecting a number and pressing the “Address” (aka “Phone”) button (for OS-5 devices), and from 3rd party applications like the built-in address-book, Agendus Pro (ver. 8), etc. that support the “dial helper” interface (Palm OS-4.1 and above)."

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