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    Sprint has announced a new program for buying back phones when you upgrade. For those of you chomping at the bit for the "Ace", this may ease the pain a little. It is a paltry $75, but hey. Its better than nothing. You could probably fetch more for it on eBay, but the conveniance factor is good.

    When the 600 was launched, Handspring gave $200 break to existing Treo 300 users. If PalOne repeats this program, and if it is possible to combine these two deals, it could actually make the deal pretty good.

    Or maybe I am just a huge wishful thinker.... I think I see a $600 expense in my near future.
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    Nice... thanx... I plan on pre-ordering the 650 as soon as I can so, I like anything that puts a dent in the ~$600 price tag
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    Might be a good deal. Thanks for the info...
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    I would prefer to just sell it on e-bay as long as it is in good condition you would definitly get more money then $75. I hope they give that loyal customer discount though. I already bought a blutooth headset ..I hope it works...I can't wait Im such a geek.

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