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    I have seen threads that talk about FM transmitter attachments that let you play your pTunes on your stereo, but has anyone seen a way to hardwire this? I have a Sony micro stereo that has a 'PC' input on the back. Is there an adapter that would let me connect my Treo to my stereo? Any help would be appreciated.
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    get one of this then you can hook up to the 3.5mm line for your sony micro stereo, or ur headphone
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    Thanks, Superfire, but I already have one of those and use it with my 3.5 headphones. What I am talking about here is connecting the Treo to the 'PC Line In' on the back of the stereo so that I can play my pTunes songs through the stereo's speakers via the stereo itself. I believe it can receive and play data such as mp3s, but I need a data cable that attaches to the Treo data connection and the other end is a 'PC Line In' connector. Essentially I'd be using the Treo as a portable digital jukebox.
    Have you seen anything like this?
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    sorry eTreo. i have not seen any accessories would have the line in for treo. i use the iPod for my portable digital jukebox.
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    My ultimate cradle do what you want and more. See my sig. below.
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    Quote Originally Posted by newtreouser
    My ultimate cradle do what you want and more. See my sig. below.
    one of the features in your cradle is..

    A 3.5 mm stereo jack is provided on the back of the cradle to connect your Treo 600 to any of the following inputs: Home computer audio systemís line-input, home stereo system, or FM transmitter. You can listen to MP3ís or use it as a speakerphone (using the Treoís internal mic) with the sound system of your choice. You can also plug in any stereo headphones with a 3.5 mm plug for your listening pleasure.

    what is the diff of using a L connector to convert 2.5mm to 3.5mm, use an audio cable and hook up to the PC in line port or home stereo system?

    but i like the idea of having a cradle and using it as a speaker phone stand.
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    Superfire, you were right. I was over thinking it. I just used my 2.5 to 3.5 adapter, connected my Treo to the line in using an audio cable and it worked!!!

    This is so cool. Now I need to get me a 1gb sd card. Can't wait for them to come out with the 2gb, 5gb, 10gb, etc.

    Who needs an iPod when you have a Treo!!!!
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    superfire, the differnces are:

    1. the l connector is long and puts a lot of torque on your treo jack. Over time, it could ruin the treo jack. I suspect a lot of Treo mic/ear jack failures are due to use of the L connector. My cradle will not torque the treo jack because it holds the treo securely.

    2. treo sits upright in my cradle. you can read the didplay and type without having to pick up the treo.

    3. my cradle charges the treo via USB or oem ac charger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eTreo
    Who needs an iPod when you have a Treo!!!!
    I feel the same way. A friend of mine just bought an iPOD. I showed him my T600 is an MP3 player as well, now he's considering getting a TREO himself. Another one converted!!!
    Make It Happen!!
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    I beg to differ.... I am a treo lover like the rest of you but for a pure Kick **** MP3 player that easy to use/load iPod Rocks! Treo has nothing on it.
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    Wrote out a whole long answer to Etreo. Silly me forgot to refresh the page - and missed all your replies!!! - it had been open SINCE LAST NIGHT (doh!) where all that was written was superfire's answer, and eTreo not quite understanding, so wrote a whole long answer, explaining all he needed was a simple audio cable...... I haven't deleted the post however, as I came up with a few nice ideas for developers!! (LOL j/k)

    ETreo, Hey mate.
    What superfire was suggesting, was to use that stereo adapter you have, in conjuction with a normal 3.5mm>RCA (phono) stereo cable, or 3.5mm>3.5mm cable, or whatever, to hook up to the auxiliary input you most probably have on your stereo.That way you could listen to your mp3s etc through your speakers, as a portable jukebox like you would call it.

    Unless what you were hoping for was to be able to hook the stereo up to the Treo, and then be able to control which tracks play etc via the stereo (which you'll have a hard time finding any solution for)............however, there is an application called FunCam or maybe its another app, that you can point any remote from anything at treo, push a button, and the treo takes a picture or records movie or sound or something, i forget.....if a developer were to build an app that took the same trigger from any remote, to play/pause the mp3, that might help you out.

    But unless that imagined app could be able to receive different signals, all programmable (and I have no idea if this is possible, I am no developer by any means!!), then controlling the mp3s would be very difficult as you could have only one function, eg play/pause, or next track.

    Still might be useful to some people, just don't know how many people use their Treo like this.

    One piece of advice, if a call were to come in while you were doing this, don't answer thinking "wooo i can hear them loud through my stereo speakers" because of feedback, which can screw up way to many little things in ya components so watch it.

    Oooh I just had an idea...........some developer out there should figure out how to boost the speaker to ten times what it is right now, plus the microphone too.

    Then when you're sitting on the sofa watching the TV, and your wife calls from the supermarket (you know it's her by her "Deathmarch" star wars ringtone!), to nag you about the fact she forgot the vouchers yet again, and you really can't be arsed to get up to answer the phone, you point your TV remote at the treo, which is on the other side of the button, and you can choose to hang up/send to voicemail or answer........
    so this could be really cool, and in any other situation, when the Treo is on the other side of the room, but the Deathmarch tune aint ringin, you could use your remote to ANSWER the call Instead!!!!! (with of course, the super boosted mic/speakers)

    Ok I'm being silly (do excuse me, just woke up to baby screaming at 5am. Wife already up preparing the food, she could have at least taken him to the kitchen, knowing that he'd wake me up, and I never go back to sleep, and I am wayyyy behind with work, grrrrrrr)

    But the short answer is,
    superfire's suggesting using the stereo adapter with a simple audio cable to hook up to ya stereo through an aux input.

    If you wanted anything more than just being able to hear ya tunez through ya stereo, and were hoping your extremely interesting "pc" input was the answer, then sorry mate you're outta luck (well as far as I know anyways matey)

    Have fun!
    Big Up Treo Central!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by eTreo
    Superfire, you were right. I was over thinking it. I just used my 2.5 to 3.5 adapter, connected my Treo to the line in using an audio cable and it worked!!!

    This is so cool. Now I need to get me a 1gb sd card. Can't wait for them to come out with the 2gb, 5gb, 10gb, etc.

    Who needs an iPod when you have a Treo!!!!
    You bet it works. I use mine at home and in my car (My car stereo has a 3.5" jack on the front of it). The mystery is why Palm doesn't capitalize on this ability by marketing the device as an MP3 player, in addition to its other abilities. This should be a reason to buy the device, not something that users discover once they happen to own it.

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